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Here is my world record run (40 points)

WOAH THIS IS INSANE well played dude 🙏

Thanks :D

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super fun game, I gladly hit the top 7

Edit : I made it to top 1 :D


Nice game! Very simple but very hard, no puedo pasar los 10 puntos :')

You updated the game! :)


The fullscreen is kinda broken...


Cool Game Nice


Fun game! I would totally play this a ton if were like a full rouge lite. I could imagine it now

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That was fun! Good job :-)

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I´ve restored balance, recovered my throne that i was promised as a child

I'm on the Leaderboard! :O

I can't click the Start Game Button...

Could it be that you clicked outside the window? The game pauses if you tab out or click outside of it, but if you have it selected it should start about a second after clicking the button, once it logs in the leaderboard servers (Or start anyway if it can't reach the server)


Hmm...Well great game BTW! *Really FUN!* UwU

Hmm...Well great game BTW! *Really FUN!* UwU


I will 100% have the highest score, if you think you can beat me, i challenge thee

I got Starcraft lvl APM and that Tetris forethought. I think I can push it a little further 

Pushed it a little further :>)

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This could DEFINITELY be a whole game, the concept, the gameplay, its just awesome, and i love it, its my favorite by now

This is one of the nicest things someone has ever said about a game I made and I'm really grateful for it and glad you liked it! I'll definitely be working on it a bit more the next days, once I'm done with some work stuff and the jam rating time ends


thats it! i will wait patiently for a future update



Love the concept! I'd really like to see this as a battle-minigame in a game. The difficulty curve is interesting enough to make you try to develop new strategies while also trying to keep up with the pacing. Music is really nice and has a retro-dungeon crawler vibe that suits this game perfectly.

Really great work here!