Santa was ready to deliver gifts all around the world when both his gift bag and his provisions fell! Rudolf, his trustworthy reindeer, was able to reach the ground before the gifts did, and is now preparing to help Santa grab them and save Christmas! (And also eat all of the tasty food that's now falling from the sky)

Move Rudolf with the keyboard arrows or WAD, grab the food for yourself and help Santa grab the gifts. If left in the snow for more than a couple seconds, the gifts will get lost and the food won't be edible anymore, so be quick! Once you lose more than 10 items Santa will have you go deliver the stuff you got to catch.

Music done by Leandro Rizzi in like 5 minutes I love him.

Food munching sound from here and gift grabbing sound from here, font from here.

Made in a couple hours for the I'm Hungry Game Jam.

Pretend it's December while playing this.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLuka Rizzi


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swinging santa around is REALLY fun


One of my favorite entries of the jam! Nice work!


wow, that was great. managed to do something fun and innovative (i love swinging santa around, really makes the walk back and forth catching things genre feel new again) without straying far at all from the original game!